Water Heater 80 L, 3 kW with smart Wi-Fi electronic control, enameled WV08039EW

Water Heater 80 L, 3 kW with smart Wi-Fi electronic control, enameled WV08039EW

Product Code: WV08039EW
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Installation VerticalManagement with electronic controlWater tank EnamelledVolume group 80Rated power [kW] 3Nominal pressure [MPa] 0.7MIX 40 ºC [l] 154Type of electric heater Submersible tub...


Installation Vertical
Management with electronic control
Water tank Enamelled
Volume group 80
Rated power [kW] 3
Nominal pressure [MPa] 0.7
MIX 40 ºC [l] 154
Type of electric heater Submersible tube heater
Energy efficiency class B
Annual consumption [kWh / year] 1049
Product profile M
Height x Width x Depth [mm] 1125 x 387 x 387
Weight [kg] 26
Volume [l] 80

We offer you the latest generation boiler, which in addition to volume, power and minimal energy losses, now has its own intelligence!
The compact electronic module integrated in the ELDOM water heaters precisely manages the operation of the water heater and saves you all the commitments of providing an economical mode of water heating. And this is essential when using more and more expensive electricity.
The built-in software provides you with a special energy-saving algorithm that allows you to add new and useful features that personalize the convenience of using the boiler. The complex program was developed by an innovative European company specifically for ELDOM water heaters. She "thinks", measures the data she needs, and makes the right action decision to minimize electricity bills.

    WiFi module:

- Allows Wi-Fi control of all important boiler functions from anywhere in the world through your mobile device.
- Provides you with up-to-date and up-to-date information on the status of your boiler, displaying all important parameters measured by the controllers.

    Managing the process of heating water in the most cost-effective way possible;
    The electronic controller has a spectacular design and a large graphical LCD display, providing visual information about the operating mode, measured temperatures, energy consumption and more.
    Programming of the 24-hour interval to include the heating element. This allows the unit to operate only in the low-cost night-time zone and to use hot water during the day.
    Hourly schedule of electricity consumed
    Set a delayed start at any time of day. After a long absence, a hot water heater will be waiting for you at home;
    Anti-frost system - protects the boiler from freezing;
    Diagnosis of all used circuits and messages for a problem;
    Information on the condition of the anode protectors in models with enameled water tank;
    Intelligent self-learning software;
    Eco mode - when this mode is activated, the set water temperature is automatically reduced to 60 ° C in order to save electricity.