Water heater 50 L, 2 kW, enameled WV05039

Water heater 50 L, 2 kW, enameled WV05039

Product Code: WV05039
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Installation     VerticalControl     mechanical controlWater tank     EnameledCapacity range     50Nominal power (kW)     2Nominal pressure [MPa]     0.8Mix 40 ° C [l]     85Type of electric...


Installation     Vertical
Control     mechanical control
Water tank     Enameled
Capacity range     50
Nominal power (kW)     2
Nominal pressure [MPa]     0.8
Mix 40 ° C [l]     85
Type of electric heating element     Immersion heating element
Water heating energy efficiency class     C
Annual electricity consumption [kWh/annum]     1401
Load profile     M
Height x Width х Depth [mm]     760 x 387 x 410
Weight [kg]     18
Nominal volume [l]     50


• ENERGY SAVING - the thick insulation of 33 mm CFC-free polyurethane foam ensures extremely low heat losses and saves money;
• LONG LIFE – water tank coated with a wear-proof zirconium enamel and two magnesium protectors for an optimal anti-corrosion protection of the whole volume;
• RELIABLE – with a reliable "6-level protection"
• External thermostat – for setting the water heating temperature;
• Temperature indicator – to read the water heating temperature;
• Combined safety valve – jointly acting as balance and non-reverse and differential valve;
• Specific oval flange – of a special construction to guarantee your safety;
• Electrical tube heater – designed and manufactured by ELDOMINVEST, by a last generation technology;
• Illuminated switch;
• Optionally, it is possible to fit an anode tester to control the corrosion protection state.