Water heater 120 L, 2 kW, with a ceramic heater, enameled WV12046C

Water heater 120 L, 2 kW, with a ceramic heater, enameled WV12046C

Product Code: WV12046C
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Installation     VerticalControl     mechanical controlWater tank     EnameledCapacity range     120Nominal power (kW)     2Nominal pressure [MPa]     0.7Mix 40 ° C [l]     222Type of electr...


Installation     Vertical
Control     mechanical control
Water tank     Enameled
Capacity range     120
Nominal power (kW)     2
Nominal pressure [MPa]     0.7
Mix 40 ° C [l]     222
Type of electric heating element     Dty ceramic heater
Water heating energy efficiency class     C
Annual electricity consumption [kWh/annum]     1333
Load profile     M
Height x Width х Depth [mm]     1170 x 462 x 484
Weight [kg]     35
Nominal volume [l]     120

The ELDOM Idea water heaters models with dry ceramic heater element are suitable for use in areas with high mineralized or solid water. The dry ceramic heater element is a classic technology with proven worth for decades.

- The ceramic heating element is inserted in protective sleeve and has no direct contact with the water;
- Easy maintenance and service - no need to drain the boiler to replace the ceramic heating element;
- Low operating costs and high energy efficiency due to dense insulation of over 33 mm freeze-dry polyurethane foam securing low thermal losses and money savings;
- Long life of the water heater guaranteed by the zirconium enamel coating, two magnesium anodes for the entire water tank volume optimal corrosion protection and extremely robust design of the heating element;
- Secure - with reliable five levels protection;
- Precision capillary thermal switch;
- External capillary thermostat;
- Metal combined valve;
- Illuminated water insulated key;
- Temperature indicator;
- Eco regime;
- Anti-freeze function.