Wood Burning Stove Boiler Fireplace Water Jacket Woodburning DiplomatB 18kw

Wood Burning Stove Boiler Fireplace Water Jacket Woodburning DiplomatB 18kw

Product Code: Diplomat-B 18kw
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Diplomat 21 BONominal heat output, (kW)space heating output 8.00water heating output 10.00Maximal thermal output (kW)space heating output 11.00water heating output 21.00Heating volume(м3) 3...


Diplomat 21 BO
Nominal heat output, (kW)
space heating output 8.00
water heating output 10.00
Maximal thermal output (kW)
space heating output 11.00
water heating output 21.00
Heating volume(м3) 315
Boiler Capacity (l) 22
Efficiency (%) 80
Dimensions (mm) L 1015 B 665 H 2250
Combustion chamber dimensions(мм) 660/365/480
Flue Socket diameter(мм) 150
Net Weight(kg) 227

A High Efficient, Modern Wood Burning Stove
Perfect for your Living Room or Dining Room.
Sealed with Ropes All Over.
Color : graphite black
Fuel type : wood, coal.
Built-in hot water boiler for a central heating system.
The combustion chamber is equipped with heat resistant ceramic glass.
Cast iron grate.
Equipped with two manual dampers:
- Front damper for controlling the air supply
- Smoke damper for adjusting the flame intensity
Metal door handle.
The model is with three windows for a panoramic view of the fire.
Compartment to store and dry moist wood.
Achieving the desired heat output depends on the selected fuel with the necessary caloricity and humidity; its subsequent kindling and refueling; the regulation of the primary and the secondary air as well as the draught; the organizing of effective air heat exchange etc.

This stove is modern designed in accordance with the requirement of European Standard EN 13240:2001 and EN13229:2001.
The mounted glass is ceramic and it stands up to 850 C so it cannot be damaged by the temperature which is achieved.
The firebox is supplied with refractory plates who keep the heat and give it back into the firebox in order to increase the burning temperature.
The sealing are made of special glass fiber and does not content asbestos.
The Stove is painted with highly temperature-resistant paint.
The handles and knobs are made of brass or nickel-plated, so the cannot be worn out.